Personalized, effective eLearning experiences

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Quonder offers a cloud based Learning Experience Platform, enabling teachers to create, manage and support large amounts of students taking personalized journeys towards a shared goal.

Academic Institutions 

Corporate Training

Small Business Solutions

Focusing on effectiveness and leaving no student behind, Quonder saves time and money while ensuring everyone reaches the finish line successful!


Personalized Education


The past decade has seen an exponential growth of eLearning tools in academia. Yet, COVID-19 revealed all its current inadequacies. Quonder makes cutting edge solutions for educational institutes accessible.

Effective Training

Employee training has become increasingly important for employees and workers alike. Be it internal certifications, compliance training or bridging skill gaps, Quonder gives businesses new tools to effectively train their employees. 

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Available for Everyone

Countless small businesses worldwide deliver knowledge and skills directly to consumers. Quonder empowers small businesses to use tools previously reserved only to those with significant resources.