A Learning Platform bringing personal journeys together

Teach faster & more effectively!

How do you teach people with different backgrounds, strengths, and interests?

How can you be sure it is effective?

Quonder empowers you to create customized learning experiences. Integrating research proven education and training methods, we balance student journeys with engaging communal experiences. We provide you with direct insight into lesson efficacy and methods to improve it in real time. Your students will develop critical abilities to collaborate and support each other while you spend less time administering and focus on teaching!

Expand Without Replacing
Quonder connects seamlessly to your existing learning management system. Alternatively, Quonder can provide a complete learning solution!
Friendly Technology
Simple to learn, easy to use. Spend more time teaching and less time learning a new technology. You’ll be designing adaptive courses in no time.
Your digital assistant is here
Quonder generates insights and suggestions which indicate which students require additional attention.