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Quonder brings true and accessible personalized learning solutions to the post COVID-19 eLearning market. It does so by utilizing its innovative Learning Experience Platform (LEAP) and making it available to the academic, corporate and small business sectors. Our vision is to empower teachers everywhere to offer effective and personalized eLearning, and leave no student behind.


Tal Lazar, Founder & CEO

A professor at Columbia University and the City College of New York, teaching at other top academic institutions such as the American Film Institute Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. Lazar’s education experience spans over a decade with roots in learning training and development for the Israeli Defense Forces, where his learning initiatives granted him a sign of excellence by the president of Israel in the year 2000. As a former software developer Lazar created online courses and has been teaching online for the past 9 years. Lazar is an accomplished filmmaker and the founder of New York based production studio MiLa Media.

Yotam Lazar, COO

eLearning professional managing the first and only online academy in Israel granting government certification for construction professionals - Michlal. Under Yotam’s leadership, Michlal has broke ground and taken the construction education field into the digital age. Yotam is a former member of the Israeli Defense Apparatus where he led complex missions to success.