LEAP: The Learning Experience Platform

Quonder offers a cloud based AI driven platform which enables an instructor to create, manage and support large amounts of students taking personalized journeys towards a shared goal. The platform is able to support fully automated and personalized learning experiences, or become an intelligent ‘Teaching Assistant’ supporting both the instructor and the student by optimizing their journey towards an effective goal.


Personalized Learning

An AI based platform assists both the student and the instructor in navigating lessons as well as optimizing their journey towards an effective goal.


Unique Authoring Tools

Intuitive and powerful authoring tools to create non-linear lessons. The author decides when and to what degree the instructor or the intelligent platform decide how to help the student.


Lesson Optimization

Lessons only get better and better as students go through them, utilizing advanced data analysis tools and improvement recommendations.


New Tools for Instructors

An intelligent teaching assistant gives the instructor insight and access to the exact place where students need them the most.


Consulting and Adapting

We're in it for the journey! Additional services such as adapting existing lessons and getting the most out of the information generated by the system are available.


Communal Experiences

Learning is limited when students are isolated. Quonder recognizes that a learning community is central to the success of the student.