Rapid Training Automation 


Quonder delivers a new kind of learning solution. By implementing core principles from the science of learning and memory with a personalized experience for each learner, we are able to accelerate training time, increase its impact, and deliver soft skills insights.

We believe the ability to learn exists in everyone. Our goal is to empower people to grow and become better learners so they can reach their goals.

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Learner Capacities Front and Center

Unlike Adaptive Learning Systems, Quonder does not limit its assessment to knowledge alone. There can be many reasons why a learner cannot answer a question, ranging from lack of background knowledge to interest level, motivation, distractions and even fatigue. 

We assume that given the right conditions, all people are able to learn if the lesson is effective. Much like a good teacher, our job is to create these conditions.

Read our White Paper describing how each task on our platform is examined by applying a science-backed approach.

Create Your Own Effective Lessons

Try to create a new lesson in any existing learning system and you'll find that when it comes to content, you are all alone. There is no way to know whether the video uploaded or text inserted is effective

Quonder takes the extra step by providing an innovative authoring tool that turns anyone into a master instructor. Whether you have existing materials to upload or have it all in your head, we will guide you through the process of creating the best possible training.


Coming Soon: Our White Paper describing how authoring on Quonder is a unique experience.

A Whole New Lesson Delivery Platform

No more endless videos and learning in isolation. The best way to learn is by having the most knowledgable mentor by your side, and that's exactly what we are delivering!

Meet Q, your assistant who is tasked with facilitating lessons and paying close attention to what works best for you. Together with Q you'll take a journey that is unique to you.

Read our White Paper about how Quonder personalizes learning like no other platform.

A Science-Backed Approach

The science of learning and memory is a mature field which crosses the disciplines of neuroscience, as well as cognitive science and psychology. Yet most training professionals and college professors never receive formal training in this field.

Quonder implements the science of learning and memory to create engaging and effective lessons.

Read our White Paper describing what the science is and how it is implemented in our platform.